Help / How can a language teacher help the Livemocha community?

If you're a language teacher, there are 3 easy ways to help the Livemocha community.

First, you can offer your teaching services in language chats with the language you teach. To do so, go to the link Chat Livemochas and share it. Also you can offer small free lessons to help everyone

another way to help us, by sending corrections to the study modules, we remember that Livemocha is actually a translation robot that automatically generates translations using and comparing the best translation services of today, so when humans send us corrections we do our best to include them quickly go to the module fixes link to do so.

Lastly, the best way to help us is by entering this link All sentences, and translating from English to your language and sending us to I know that all these tasks are a lot of work, but if you can help we greatly appreciate your help!