About Livemocha

What is Livemocha?

Livemocha is committed to creating a world in which every human being is fluent in multiple languages.

As the world's largest online language learning community, Livemocha combines traditional learning methods with online practice and interaction with native speakers from around the world. Livemocha offers an unparalleled learning experience that promises conversational fluency. Since New Launch in January 2018, the Livemocha community has grown to thousands of members in over 195 countries, highlighting the international demand for an engaging, collaborative approach to language learning.

Currently Livemocha has been rebuilt by an individual developer, and reopened on 1/30/2018

After the system was shut down by another company in 2016, one developer decided to continue the main idea. today Livemocha is optimized for various types of devices so it doesn't look the same as the old one, but the study method is the same and it has been simplified to be done faster, in addition all the modules are enough for members to get create conversations, and the advanced mode is a way to improve the language, in addition, Livemocha has a community of thousands of members, to talk and train their chosen languages, also join this community.

Why is learning languages so important now?

We started Livemocha to address one of the biggest macroeconomic trends of our time - globalization. Today, more than ever, we live in a connected world. Technology allows us to build real relationships in many countries at the same time – and this is creating immense opportunity for those with the right skills. People all over the world need to understand and interact with different cultures in the course of their jobs and travels. The success of emerging economies and global trade, then, depends on learning foreign languages.

What is Livemocha doing now?

With commitment and creativity, we can bridge the alarming gap between our workforce's inadequate preparation and the need for language skills in the corporate sector.

Commitment means absolute dedication to creating the possibility of fluency in a second language for all people in the world, regardless of age or socioeconomic status. Creativity means using new technologies and distribution methods to erase boundaries. Increasing broadband penetration and the adoption of VOIP make the Internet the most accessible and socially relevant platform for language learning. Opening up the market and leveraging the latest trends in social networking, Livemocha connects people across the world. At Livemocha, we believe in the power of human potential. Anyone can learn a new language. We are committed to helping individuals, businesses, libraries and schools remove barriers to effective communication and cultural exchange.

Proprietary Rights: The Livemocha community (www.livemochas.com) with the web address registered with Godaddy is owned by the company Livemocha Developer.

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